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31 DAYS OF HALLOWEEN! UPDATE #2 10/11-10/19

I am doing so well this month!  I have to say I think I'm well ahead of any October in recent memory in terms of the movies I've watched.  So let's get to it!

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Now I've seen SLEEPAWAY CAMP before a couple of times...but I've never seen Part 2.  So of course I had to face the dilemma of, "would I even understand SLEEPAWAY CAMP III with out seeing II?"  And I think we all know what the answer really didn't make one bit of difference.  I picked this up on VHS a couple of years ago and it was finally time to see what Bruce Springsteen's crazy sister Angela was up to in these movies (seriously, she's the Boss' sister.)  This movie was exactly what I wanted it to be and I had a blast.  I also appreciated that so many of the kills were during the daytime...kind of a nice change of pace.   Also, I must add that when I put this tape into the VHS player, it was not rewound.  I haven't felt that silent rage in decades.


Another VHS...another one not rewound!  Were we all such savages in the video age?!?!?   Again, I haven't seen Part I.  Again, it didn't matter.  This was a relatively fun little movie.  I kinda dug the weird techno/occult way the kid summoned the demon's with.  Not sure why he needed to be wearing a head mic but what do I know?


I love this show.  If you're not familiar it's a UK show that centers around fake horror author Garth Marenghi (think Stephen King) and these are the episodes of the horror TV show he made in the 80's called GARTH MARENGHI'S DARKPLACE.   It's brilliant.  I think most people saw it when it was on Adult Swim a few times (also, many of the main players are from THE IT CROWD so some people have tracked it down through that.)  But a year or so before Adult Swim, the Sci-Fi Channel (okay, fine, SyFy) aired this on Monday nights after their anime block at like 2-3am.  For about 2 weeks or so.  That was it.  I DVR'd it one night simply based on the weird title, thinking it would be some weird anime horror show.  It turned out to be one of the best things I've ever seen.  Region 2 DVDs of this and DEAN LERNER MAN TO MAN soon followed.


I wish we got more Tales from the Crypt movies, because I loved the two we got.  DEMON KNIGHT is a fun, gory, nasty little movie with a great cast and some great lines.  It's just a great time and so Tales from the Crypt.


Okay.  I've seen some of the new Scooby-Doo.  And it's fine.  I enjoyed it quite a bit actually.  I kinda miss Mindy Cohn as Velma (she'll still be doing the movies) but Kate Micucci does a good job and I like her.  The art took a little bit to get used to, but I don't mind it at all.  I guess I just wish it was MYSTERY, INC....but that's gone.  This is pretty good, though.


My wife loves QUANTUM LEAP.  I've been a fan, but have only seen a few episodes.  We figured there had to be a Halloween episode and sure enough...The Boogieman!  Sam leaps into an HP Lovecraft type writer and he fights the devil!  Seriously.   Also, he basically gives young Stephen King the plots for CARRIE and CHRISTINE.  Lots of fun.


One of my all time favorite monster movies....and one of the best designed monsters of all time!  That suit is incredible!  I picked up the Universal Monsters Blu-Ray a year ago and this was one I hadn't watched yet.  It looked amazing on it was made last week.


Another of the Blu-Ray set I hadn't watched.  It also looks amazing.  I've always been a bigger fan of the Mummy sequels than the original Mummy (probably because they had more of an actual Mummy in them and a kid wants to see Mummies in his Mummy movie.)  I actually think I appreciated it more this viewing than any other time before (and I've always liked it.)  Makes me want to watch the rest!  I've always loved the story my dad used to tell me about when he saw THE MUMMY'S HAND in the theater as a kid in Dixon, Illinois, he walked home in the middle of the street the whole time he was so scared.


I had never watched these until now.  And you know what?  They're not that bad.  Some cool stuff, some funny lines, some cool costumes and a lot of Scooby Doo type stuff.  And as much as I couldn't stand some of the cast when it came out, they're all pretty well cast.   I will also say this, the deleted scene of Velma singing "You're just too good to be true" on top of a piano in part 1 is the best thing ever.


Elderly Elvis and JFK (who's black) fight a 3000 year old soul sucking mummy preying on a nursing home.  With Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis.  Directed by Don Coscarelli.   I shouldn't have to say more.  It'd been too long since I'd watched this.


Been watching some of the classic as well.  This one features the Kingston Ghost...which is also the ghost in the first episode of the new show, BE COOL, SCOOBY DOO.  You can never go wrong with the original.

HALLOWEEN & HALLOWEEN II (at the McHenry Drive-In)

Now this was cool!  The always awesome McHenry Outdoor Drive-In does "flashback" movies in the fall and one of the weekends this year was HALLOWEEN and HALLOWEEN II.  Was so cool to see these at the drive in on a crisp October night!  Especially the McHenry Drive-In which is one of my favorite places ever.


So after Halloween 1 & 2 I went right home and watched this.  Probably my favorite Halloween Season movie and one of my favorite horror movies in general.  I know people are finally coming around to seeing this for the awesome movie it is....but I've loved it from the get go.  So cool!

So yeah, so far so good!  Knocking them out!  Granted, I've gone way off my list at times this year, but that always happens.  And still just under two weeks to go!

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