Sunday, September 28, 2014

FUNKO Reaction Figures Horror Collection!

Hey, everybody!

I'm not sure how many of you out there are aware of the awesome line of Kenner-style retro action figures FUNKO has been putting out under the "Reaction" collection.  But they're awesome.  They first started with a line of ALIEN action figures that were made from actual Kenner molds from 1979 for a line of figures that Kenner never released (cause you know, ALIEN for kids!)   These came out a little bit ago and featured an Alien, Ripley, Dallas, Ash and Kane figure.  They were awesome and my wife got me the whole line.

How cool are they?!?   And now they've got a whole bunch of other figures including horror favorites like Freddy, Jason and the Universal Monsters!

See pictures of these awesome figures and more info after the jump!

Monday, September 22, 2014

31 Days of Halloween 2014! The List

It's that time a year again!  Halloween!  As I try to do every year, I go thru all of my DVDs and VHS tapes (and this year my Netflix Queue as well!) and put together a list of films and TV Show episodes to watch during the month of October.  I start on Oct 1 and go all the way through Halloween.  Ideally, I watch one thing a day.  The list is made up of movies as well as TV Shows and short films of various on those certain days where the real world prohibits it, I have something I can watch that won't take 2 whole hours.  And then of course, on other days, I may try to knock out a bunch of movies at once.

There's no way to get them all...even after I pare them down, it's still always too big of a list to watch them all in 31 days.  But I try my best.  Also, there are always movies not on this list that will get thrown in as the month goes on I'm sure.

And I'll post more in-depth reviews of all of the ones as I watch during the month.

Click on the Read More for the list!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Welcome to the World of the Weird Monster Blog!

Hello and welcome to the World of the Weird Monster Blog!  This is the Blog home of the TV Show, The World of the Weird Monster Show which is hosted by me, Undead Johnny!

The World of the Weird Monster Show is a sketch comedy/horror host TV program which has been scaring laughs out of Chicagoland residents since premiering on Halloween night, 2004, on Comcast Cable.  Starring myself as Undead Johnny, the WOWMS follows the activities of the misfits who make up the Channel 666 staff while showcasing classic (and not-so-classic) horror and other genre films.  We've also done tons of live appearances as well, from guest spots at local conventions, appearing on WGN Morning news doing comedy bits with people like Michael Rooker and William Shatner and hosting movies live in venues around Chicagoland.

The Chicago Sun-Times described us as: "a sketch comedy/horror show that could be likened to SCTV and Son of Svengoolie having a mutant offspring together." 

This blog had a previous home HERE, which I'll keep open for awhile.  I didn't post on it too often and frankly, I like blogspot's set-up and look way more than Wordpress so there you go and here we are!

This blog will cover all kinds of random goodies from the worlds of horror and sci-fi and other genre programming as well as vintage toys, games, tv shows, cartoons...pretty much wherever my head starts to wander.  Much like our show, it will cover many different influences and styles but will always cover the World of the Weird!   There will also be updates on what's going on with the WOWMS TV Show itself and cool behind the scenes stuff if you've ever been curious about the backstage workings of a horror host show (with an extremely low budget.)

The time to start the new blog seemed right as we're entering the best season of the year: Halloween!  Our show ends with the phrase "Everyday is Halloween" and it's so true!   I'll be kicking off my annual October viewing list and will post updates and reviews on all the films I'll be watching leading up to Halloween.  And WOWMS is beginning filming on our 9th TV season this month as well.  So all kinds of cool things going on! Like I said, seemed a good time to start the new blog.  Hope you enjoy!

--Undead Johnny