Sunday, September 28, 2014

FUNKO Reaction Figures Horror Collection!

Hey, everybody!

I'm not sure how many of you out there are aware of the awesome line of Kenner-style retro action figures FUNKO has been putting out under the "Reaction" collection.  But they're awesome.  They first started with a line of ALIEN action figures that were made from actual Kenner molds from 1979 for a line of figures that Kenner never released (cause you know, ALIEN for kids!)   These came out a little bit ago and featured an Alien, Ripley, Dallas, Ash and Kane figure.  They were awesome and my wife got me the whole line.

How cool are they?!?   And now they've got a whole bunch of other figures including horror favorites like Freddy, Jason and the Universal Monsters!

See pictures of these awesome figures and more info after the jump!

So yes, these ALIEN figures are great.  And while we live in a time where close-up shots of figures made by companies like Hot Toys can almost be passed off as a photo of the real person, there's such a charm about these retro figures.  I think it's that, for me, it's the idea of these figures existing when I was a kid.  Cause, man, as cool as my Star Wars, GI Joe and Micronauts figures were...these would have been so much cooler!   And FUNKO totally nails the look and aesthetic of these figures too, right down to period perfect style card packaging.   

The ALIEN ones may have been made off of actual old Kenner molds, but their new lines are entirely original.  And just as cool.  Figures from films like ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, BACK TO THE FUTURE, GOONIES, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and more have been made already.  I picked up both variations of Snake Pliskin at Wizard World Chicago this year and they're great!

Recently I saw they added a line of Universal Classic Monsters and researching those, I saw they had a whole line of retro horror figures.  Check some of these out!

I'm a little unsure why they went with HELLRAISER III...but for some reason, it kinda fits.

I think of all the modern ones, I dig Freddy the most.

They've also got SCREAM, TRICK R TREAT and the CROW.  

And the UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS figures are just gorgeous.  Here's a few:

And in addition to these, they also have PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, INVISIBLE MAN and THE MUMMY.

You can check them all out HERE on FUNKO's Site.   And one of the many places you can buy the figures is HERE at ENTERTAINMENT EARTH.

These Classic Monster ones are great.  I especially love them because they look so close to the old Remco Mini-Monster figures I had as a kid!

FUNKO recently made an ALIEN playset for their ALIEN line as an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con.  But reaction was so strong they made the set available for sale to anyone while SDCC was happening.  I was lucky enough to get one, but they're still not being delivered till next year.  But check it out:

The Playset is just as cool as the figures!  With such attention to detail, and such a great feel for the retro vibe of these figures, I can only hope they make more playsets in the future to go along with some of these collections.  I'd love a Monster playset like the old Remco one!

Remember, Everyday is Halloween!
--Undead Johnny

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